Monday, April 25, 2011

Courtney Ellis of Courtney Ellis Photography on Birth Photography

So what is birth photography anyways?
Basically put: I document the birth of a child, from beginning to end. I don’t pose anything, it’s the day as it unfolds. I want it to be real. Birth photography allows daddy or another support person to be there for mom instead of worrying about getting pictures. I compare it to trying to shoot your own wedding….you belong next to your new partner, not behind the camera.

Do you take pictures of the actual act of giving birth?
Well, yes and no. As a personal choice, I will not take pictures of anyone’s crotch. That’s just me. There are various angles that I work to where I can get the same type of shots, that stick to my rule. There are those who do photograph, straight on, the act of giving birth. When I create a birth collection, I want them to be proud to share them with family and friends and not to have to worry about them seeing something they shouldn’t.

How soon before the delivery do you get to the hospital?
I typically will get to the hospital after the client has been told they are in ACTIVE labor. This means making good cervical change and getting things done! It is birth photography, so we are completely on the baby and the body’s schedule. That means it could be 4 in the morning or you might get there at 10 pm and leave at 8 am.

What does birth photography cost?
My birth session are $500 and include a 4x6 book of images. I have found that the book is the best way for clients to show off their images. They’re SO proud to do so!

Do you do birth photography mentoring if I want to start this in my town?
Absolutely! On my website, click contact and shoot me a message!

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Friday, April 15, 2011

When the 50 comes out to play...

Today I decided to use my 50mm lens one that i very rarely pick up. After using it all day today I think I'll start using it more as much as i love the 55-200 the bokeh of this lens wide open is beautiful! hope you enjoy these weird practice shots!

Here are few images from behind the scenes id like to share with you. When i see someone sharing behind the scenes pictures or videos im GLUED seeing the way things have been created is always neat, and then to see the outcome. These are not the best behind the scenes images but it can give you an idea until i do get better ones. :o)